The Raising Awesome Carver

By Raising Awesome © 2022

Raising Awesome Carver Software

The Raising Awesome Carver - A CNC User Interface for 3018 CNC machines and Arduino GRBL custom built CNCs. Sellers of the 3018 may request a branded version of this software to accompany their offerings. If you make and sell 3018's, feel free to contact us for a custom commissioned build of the software.

CNC Carving Features


  1. Download the zip file above
  2. Extract to your location of choice
  3. Double Click on RawsomeGRBL.exe
  4. Choose Simulate to play around or connect an Arduino flashed with GRBL.
  5. Use the arrow keys to drive the CNC.
  6. Click the book to the right of the CNC to browse out one of your .nc files.
  7. Templates coming soon.
  8. This is being worked daily. Come back often!